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Beeronomis 2024 Milan

Beeronomics 2024

19-22 June, Milan

Call for Papers

The Beeronomics 2024 Milan conference welcomes high quality research papers related to the economics of beer and brewing. The conference will cover a wide array of topics including the economics of production, international and regional trade, industrial organization, industrial dynamics, marketing and branding, consumption and health, consumer preferences, economic history, law and regulation, innovation and regional and international patterns associated with the beer and brewing industry worldwide.


Possible topics include but are not limited to:

A: Trends and driving forces in local and global beer production, consumption, distribution
A1: National and global trends in beer production, demand, distribution and trade (e.g. new markets, new production, packaging; transportation systems and technological developments) and related statistical methodologies for assessment
A2: Globalisation; mergers and acquisitions (e.g. macroeconomics, exchange rate costs on the international beer market)
A3: Markets for inputs (e.g. malting barley and hops)

B: Management, marketing, market structure and industrial dynamics
B1: Advertising, marketing, brand management
B2: Competition and industrial dynamics; pricing strategies
B3: Supply chain management
B4: Analytical methods and econometric modelling for analysing market dynamics

C: Individual beer choice and health
C1: Determinants of individual beer choice
C2: Consumers’ information processing; purchasing decisions and willingness to pay
C3. Health issues related to beer consumptions; theories and empirical research

D: Policy and regulation
D1: Beer and brewing related laws and policy (e.g. purity law, competition rules, franchise regulations, EU labelling rules)
D2: Impact of taxes/subsidies and regulation of beer availability, with related statistical trend analysis
D3: Impact of provision and regulation of information; self control commitments at the level of enterprises/industries

E: Impact of beer on society and culture
E1: Beer and brewing as a facilitator of social engagement
E2: Consumers’ responsible drinking and brewing industries efforts: policies, strategies, effects and side effects
E3: The role of lobby groups, industry bodies and consumer associations in the beer industry

F: Environmental issues affecting beer and brewing
F1: Climate change and the future environment: a threat (or opportunity?) for the beer and brewing industry
F2: Sustainable processes for beer production and distribution; theories and empirical research
F3. Sustainability and ethical issues affecting beer consumptions; theories and empirical research

G. Others
G1: Food industry
G2: Alternatives to beer: wine, cider, gin, whisky and the competitors



Important dates

25  February 2024: Abstract submission The submission deadline has been extended until FRIDAY 8 MARCH 2024

10 March 2024: Decision on acceptance/rejection of submitted abstracts

21 April 2024: Registration deadline

31 May 2024: Submission of full paper



Participants of the Beeronomics 2024 conference are invited to submit their abstract and paper sending an email to beeronomics2024@unimib.it 

Abstract submissions should be between 350 to 600 words max.

The official conference language is English

In your abstract submission you should provide a clear explanation of what will be presented at the conference; include a discussion of the relevance of the topic, research methodology, main findings, and potential future research directions, limitations, etc.